In 2007, Jon Claessens, a physical therapist and owner of a home health contract therapy company, was in search of an affordable software product specifically for home health THERAPY. Jon quickly learned there was no affordable solution on the market that would streamline his entire business and be an answer for the many tedious processes his office performed on a day-to-day basis.

Jon approached his business partners, a software engineer and office manager, about the need for a true software solution for home health THERAPY companies. Before long, Pariox was born, and therapy groups across the nation started adopting Pariox as the platform on which they grew and continue to grow their successful businesses.

Since the people “behind” Pariox own and operate their own home health therapy company, it’s only natural that Pariox is the best solution on the market today for the many hurdles one can face in our industry of home health therapy staffing. Just to name a few advantages, Pariox clients:

home health therapy software

  • Have defensible, compliant, and legible electronic documentation
  • Eliminate costly scheduling errors
  • Catch missed visits before they can even occur
  • Reduce phone call volume from therapists and home health agencies
  • Have patient info at their fingertips anywhere, anytime
  • Send and receive patient data in an efficient, HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Have HR under control with minimal time spent managing it
  • Fix the “disconnect” between payroll and billing processes
  • STREAMLINE their entire operation!

With many years of combined experience in home health, the Pariox team (its owners, managers, IT staff, and clinicians) prides itself on providing customer support that is unmatched. The company’s home health expertise allows it to act very quickly in updating the software whenever there are Medicare or other regulation changes and additions. Additionally, clients know that Pariox always has an open ear to suggestions that can improve the software. Many top Pariox features evolved from user feedback and suggestions.

Pariox uses the latest CLOUD COMPUTING technologies, and clients benefit from being able to use a VARIETY of devices and web browsers. For this reason, the initial investment for a Pariox client is very small. Most clinician users already own a device on which they can use Pariox (iPad®, iPhone®, smart phones, tablets, etc.). Pariox clients further enjoy a simple pricing structure that is solely based on their success.

Contact the Pariox team today to see how easy it is to get up and running with the leading software for home health contract therapy companies.