2019 Home Health Final Rule

The OASIS-D FINAL home health version is now available on the CMS website. This OASIS-D will be implemented on January 1, 2019.

Click here for an introduction and training tools for the new OASIS-D, by CMS.

Home health therapists will be delighted to see that 28 items were removed from the Oasis!

Here’s a breakdown of OASIS changes:

6 New Items:
• GG0100
• GG0110
• GG0130
• GG0170
• J1800
• J1900

7 Revised Items:
• M1028
• M1306
• M1311
• M1322
• M1324
• M2102
• M2310

28 Items were Removed: 
• M0903, M1011, M1017,
M1018, M1025, M1034,
M1036, M1210, M1220,
M1230, M1240, M1300,
M1302, M1313, M1320,
M1350, M1410, M1501,
M1511, M1615, M1750,
M1880, M1890, M1900,
M2040, M2110, M2250,

OASIS items were removed if they were not used to support:
− HH QRP measures
− HH Prospective Payment System (PPS)
− Survey process for Medicare certification
− HH Value – Based Purchasing (VBP) demonstration measures
− Critical risk – adjustment factors
− Conditions of Participation






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