Census: Physical Therapists behind in adopting Electronic Health Records

According to an article published on http://www.ucguide.org/, a recent study involving Nebraska Physical Therapists reveals that a high percentage of physical therapists have not yet adopted an electronic health record. In this study, “the most critical barriers to adoption of an EMR/EHR were identified as start-up financial costs, ongoing financial costs, lack of technical support, and the cost to convert historic medical record data into the EHR as well as technical limitations with systems.”1

At Pariox, we strive to aid all home health therapy companies in adopting an electronic health record without having to face these most “critical barriers”! As defined on our Pricing Page (http://www.pariox.com/pricing-plans), our clients do NOT incur outrageous start-up financial costs. We also offer a 30-day free trial so that home health therapy entities can experience and determine first-hand the value of our software without making any up-front financial commitments. And, our monthly subscriptions are affordable to OUR clients as we know our client-base very well, through research and real-life experience of running a successful Therapy company ourselves. The neat part about the monthly subscription setup is that this set up does not bind our clients to the software for more than the current month. No need for forced long-term commitments here. Our clients willingly and happily commit to using Pariox long-term!

By providing Pariox as a ‘software-as-a-service’, we eliminate the need for home health therapy companies to hire their own, internal (expensive!) technical team. WE ARE the technical team and as part of our service to clients we offer state-of-the art customer support, training, and continued updates to the software so that our clients can stay ahead of competition and industry demands (i.e. the 13/19/30 Rule for home health therapy).
1Paschal K, Hafenbrack M, Kirckham C, Lym A, Kasha T. Health information technology adoption in physical therapy practice. Physiotherapy (97:S1).

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